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Preview to Chicago's World Music Festival

Ohio State University (Students for Dialogue)
Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival

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Radio M hosted by Tony Sarabia
Lamajamal In-Studio Performance

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This is Hell
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Review: Lamajamal Chicago World Music Festival


Jamoflage Studios - Sound & Percussion Design by George Lawler

Mucca Pazza - Astounding 30-piece circus punk marching band

Yves Francois et Rocambu Jazz - Jazz / Afro-beat / Swing

Erika Ochoa - Middle Eastern Dance

Can.Ky.Ree - Acoustic / Lyrical / French Pop

MarCaribe - Tropical / Acoustic / Americana

Occidental Brothers Dance Band International - Afro-beat / Jazz / Indie

RedChamber - Surf / Rock / Psychedelic

The Dolce Veeta Band - Other / Italian pop / Healing & Easy Listening

Black Bear Combo - Brass / reed band
Our sound is a raucous mutt inspired by traditional music from eastern Europe and the Balkans, filtered through our own noise / freejazz / rock backgrounds.

Venues / Organizations

Old Town School of Folk Music
Celebrating its 50th year - the Old Town School is the largest independent community arts school in the United States.

The Hideout is music, art, performance, plays, poetry, rock and rebellion. The Hideout is a regular guy bar for irregular folks who just don’t fit in, or just don’t want to fit in. The Hideout is not your Dad’s bar, but your Granddad’s bar. It is the bar that Granddad went to when he was young and crazy. He did his best to hide that past from your Dad, but you have found it. The old restless roots of hard-working, hard-playing creative artistic expression and intellectual freedom. More New Deal and less New Age. The Hideout is small, and small is beautiful. It’s not for everyone, but for every one!

Chicago Cultural Center

Reversible Eye
Reversible Eye is a volunteer-run interdisciplinary arts space in Humboldt Park. We have a strong commitment to bringing diverse cultural expressions together into our gallery space. We are interested in experimental art and performance, outsider art, art from our local latin and African-american communities, and folk art from around the world.

Arts of Life
Arts of Life, Inc. is a non-profit arts studio that provides adults with developmental disabilities an environment to explore and enrich their lives.



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